Herbal medicine is also known as botanical medicine. Katrina has formal qualifications from study in this oldest form of health care.

This branch of health care uses plant seeds, roots, berries, leaves, bark, or flowers to treat or prevent health issues.

Herbal medicine is the oldest and still the most widely used system of medicine in the world today. It is medicine made exclusively from plants. It is used in all societies and is common to all cultures.

Herbal medicine is increasingly being validated by scientific investigation which seeks to understand the active chemistry of the plant. Many modern pharmaceuticals have been modeled on, or derived from chemicals found in plants.

The important basic principle behind Katrina’s work in herbal medicine though is that she will assess your health and condition as a whole person. Your symptoms will be considered in the context of you as an individual.

Katrina’s training in a range of therapies will allow her to make a complete assessment of you to gain an overall picture of you as an individual. She will assess one or many of the following areas:

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  • alignment and posture
  • musculo-skeletal functionality
  • previous injury history
  • stress levels
  • work
  • family pressures
  • diet
  • lifestyle
  • levels of exercise


With the resulting fully inclusive report she will then formulate a herbal blend that is specific, individual and personalised for your health issue.